We are making Gazpacho!!! – ¡Preparamos gazpacho!


We definitely are gazpacho people. I have eaten it my whole life and Adam loves it. It is super refreshing in the summer, healthy and full of flavor, so I definitely encourage you all to try it.

You will find the recipe at the end, but if you want to see all the steps, we recorded a video explaining how we make it! Expect a lot of awkward looks, jokes and background comments from Adam. Click here to watch it on YouTube!

Gazpacho comes essentially from the south of Spain, but you can definitely find it everywhere. Also, there are as many recipes as homes are in Spain, and the essence of it changes, the gazpacho my grandmother made is Seville is completely different that gazpacho manchego. Same word, extremely different concepts.

But the truth is in general, the gazpacho that now is know beyond the Spanish borders is the classic tomato based, drink or cold soup.

You can eat it as a soup and cut some jamón, some more small cut tomatoes and cucumber on top or simply pour it in a glass and drink it as it is. It doesn’t matter, it’s delicious anyway.

In my house we use a bit of hard bread to make the mix thicker. But if you don’t eat gluten or you simply don’t want to ad any sort of bread just leave it, and it will be the same, just a bit less thick, that’s all.

So anyway, here’s the recipe, enjoy and let us know if you have tried it!


  • 4 big tomatoes or 6 of the ones that have a pear shape. Peeled and no seeds
  • 1/2 or a big onion (if you like it more, just taste it and go for it!)
  • 1 clove of garlic (take the green from the inside out)
  • 3/4 of a large cucumber
  • 1/2 green pepper (we normally use the long ones, but since I can’t find them I am using a bell pepper, just remember they have a stronger flavor so be careful with how much you want it to taste like pepper)
  • Hard white old bread soaked in water, just a little bit.
  • Olive oil
  • salt

Measures here just depend on you and how you like it. My mom for example uses a lot more olive oil than I do, so it is a matter of tasting and making your own.

Mix the tomatoes, onion, garlic and cucumber in a blender, once you have it, take the bread squeezing a bit of the water out and add it to the mix. Once everything is blended add the salt, mix again and taste it. It’s up to you how much you want to use, but for this recipe I would go for 1 1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Once everything is mixed try again and see if you want to add more of any of the ingredients, today I felt like it had too much pepper so I added some more cucumber to bring it down.

When you finally like the flavor, with the mixer on in a medium speed, open the top and slowly slowly add the olive oil until you have an emulsion.

Once you reach that texture, you can stop mixing. And IF YOU WANT, you can put the mix through a strainer and with the help of a spool slowly get rid of any little skis or fibers you might not want, you can see how to do it in our video. I personally never do it because I like it just as it is. But hey, you do you!

After you finish it, get the gazpacho in a large jar and keep it in the fridge, drink it super cold and if you want you can add some really cold water to make it a little softer. Just remember to stir the gazpacho a bit before you serve it. ENJOY!!!




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  1. ¡Qué guapo está Adam con el pelo corto!!!! 🙂

    Me gusta


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